Im not really good with this about me stuff.  I'm still learning a lot about myself--definitely a work in progress. But the beauty of  it all is that I get to go through it with Jesus. My name is Nana. I'm 24. I live in Canada. I'm originally from Toronto but currently living in Alberta. I choose to live my faith out through my experiences. I want to inspire. I want to ignite passion. I want to love. Oh YEAH! I have a weird obsession with tea LOL.

Unlike other bloggers who started writing at a tender age. I started writing the same time I started blogging, which was about a year ago. So bare with me I'm no pro.

This blog was created so that I could be an encouragement to others through my struggles and thoughts. I pray that through God's unfailing love you are able to build, grow and strengthen your relationship with Christ.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

| 1 Corin 13:13|

for the sake of love,

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