Hey Black Girl

May 22, 2016

Hey Black Girl,
Yes, you black girl
You are so beautiful to me.

Yes, beautiful
Look at your skin!

It glows, it illuminates, it absorbs
It breathes.
It's mesmerizing, yes so enchanting
The greatest thing conceived.
You are morning, noon and night.
You are the firmament holding stars in you
within you, on you, so much light!
So much light, they comprehend it not.

That skin! So rich and enriched
You captivate, you enchant.
Melanin so bold, melanin so bright;
You cause a frenzy, a chaotic rapture of emotion!
Dont get lost in your own tailwind!

Oh black girl, you beautiful black girl
Love the skin you are in!


May 12, 2016

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