Mar 15, 2016

Hey guys so this is my first Youtube Video. I know a little spontaneous right ? For a while I've been feeling led to start a channel. So here it is !! Look out for more videos and don't forget to like, share and subscribe.


Hard Truth " Unashamed" : Collaboration with Anita Asante

Mar 13, 2016

I was recently asked by my girl Anita to write a review on her previous post Unashamed.  In the post she highlights so many issues that we struggle with as black women. Anita keeps it real and uses her own experiences to outline how society has manipulated our blackness through stereotypes, in doing so sometimes are worth is put into question.

For more of Anita please check out her blog

When I was asked to share my thoughts on Anita’s post I was a bit anxious. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write. Not because I was afraid about stepping out and talking about my blackness but afraid that I would be misunderstood. I was unsure if I could express myself and still extend grace on the issue at hand.
 I came across this quote the other day:
“Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.”- ― Blaise Pascal
I learned a very long time ago that truth is a noun that lies in a definition of the unknown. Everyone’s definition of truth is different. Misunderstanding a person’s truth is a product of ignorance. A black person’s ability to express their frustration for justice in movements such as #blacklivesmatter has resulted in the ignorance of greater masses refuting the cause to say that #alllivesmatter. They fail to recognize that what is on the surface of what they see is something that has been deeply rooted within us.  I don’t know any white person that has “contemplated changing their skin color to feel accepted by the society around them. But I know many as myself who contemplated manipulating their blackness– the beautiful handiwork of God to fit the image that has been socially profiled as correct.
This quote resonates profoundly with me. It is clear that those who do not love truth have opened themselves up to deception. The reality of being black is hidden to those who haven’t lived it or walked in the shoes of a black woman. The “Unashamed” post highlighted so many struggles and significant matters in our community today. The fact that different shades of our black skin tone is rated on some type of scale to prove self worth or value is disheartening.
Blackness has been defined as ugly to the masses, from saying that our nose is too big to being compared to gorillas—whiteness has established this falsehood, and blackness accepted it. It is problematic because along the way many of us have forgotten to love ourselves by truly embracing our individuality and our uniqueness of being “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalms 139:14. We have been asked repetitive questions on our hair, our culture and even language. But I believe that many have chosen to not learn about who we are because they don’t care and is simply not important to them.

Birthday Glory| 24 Years Deep!

Mar 10, 2016

As my birthday slowly approached my heart was filled with so much excitement. I could not help but think that I've come such a long way. No one ever knows where the journey of life will take them. We just hope that as we unravel the layers of our life story that we are able to understand the hidden mysteries along the way. Like everyone else I've had some bad days, some happy days, some beautiful days and ugly days. I failed at more things than I've been successful at and although there are times I feel like I should be in my career by now, I'm at peace with where God wants me to be. Jeeez I can't believe I typed that out! I never even thought I would make it to this part in my life... EVER! But I'm here, alive. I've grown so much; I can actually look at myself in the mirror and see a beautiful black woman; one with dreams, goals and a crazy drive to inspire others. If I could go back four years, I would tell my 20 year old self that everything is going to be okay and to wait on God’s timing. My young saved soul had no clue what this walk would be about. I mean, 19 was the turning point but 20, 21 and 23 was the battle ground. I went to war with God, stopped going to my church, cried my eyes out, beat myself up over my sins and lost friends. But what did this all teach me? That you keep moving, you don't let the setbacks limit your growth. So here are some things I've learned and I’m thankful for: 

1. My relationship with Christ: Seriously, where would I be without my father in heaven. He sustains me time and time again. Ya’ll don't understand how many times I ran from him, disappointed him, and even almost denounced my faith ( yaaaaa I'm dramatic LOL). But his love knocks me off my feet LITERALLY. I'm so thankful that at 24 I can say I know Christ for myself. He made me his own despite my crazy ways and disobedience; he doesn't give up on me. True definition of ride or die!! Thank you Father; no words can describe the joy I have in you and the love I have for you Papa.
I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth. | Psalms 34:1|

2. MY FAMILY: My life line. My parents have had my back in everything, especially financially. From when I went away to school. I did not spend a dime on rent. And when I came back home and explained all my plans (something which was so hard for me to tell them), they loved me with open arms.  Every birthday my mother prays with us. It's like this tradition she has developed for me and my siblings. Her prayer for my birthday honestly left me speechless. I know that her committing my life in God’s hands and asking him to do all the things she desires for me will come to pass. My sister and my brother you guys are my heart. I love my blood!!!

3. My boyfriend: I don't talk much about my relationship on my blog. But man, ya’ll don't understand how good this man is. Seriously heaven sent. I used to cry for boys to just look at me and love me. I used to be caught up in the messiest relationships. But what I prayed for, God give me more than I expected in a man. I don't doubt that Nate will ever stop his commitment to me because his love for God shows me that I'm secure in his love. 

4. MY FRIENDS: WHEN I SAY I HAVE AMAZING FRIENDS NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!! Man, God is so good. I have the most loyal friends a girl could ask for. I don't question one bit their actions towards me. They have shown unconditional love in every season that I've been through. Legit, from my booty popping days at the club (Haha) to changing over night and becoming a serious Christian. And currently walking with me in my growth. They stuck around to wipe my tears, laugh with me, and rock with me. My heart is overwhelmed with love for every single one of you. 

5. My Best friend MARILYNNNNN!!!!!!!: How can someone teach you how to pray. Listen to me ball my eyes out and teach me to be a better communicator??? How, tell me how, sway, tell me how ? THIS GIRL MAN I love you.

6. MY BLOG: WOOOOT WOOOT TURN UP, This blog has taught me so many things about myself. It has helped me become a better writer. It has taught me to be patient, consistent and focused. I remember just crying to God about why he wanted me start writing. I was mad and sad because the task at hand seemed so much bigger than me. But I'm now seeing the fruit of obedience slowly come into full effect. Thank you guys for the 10k plus views. I am honestly so, so thankful.

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