The Perfect Bedroom on a Budget

Feb 20, 2016

I recently uploaded a pic of my bedroom on Snapchat and on Facebook. I got so many questions on where I got some of the things in my room. So I’ve decided to write a blog post that goes into a little more detail about all the things I used to get the " Perfect Bedroom". Some of the things I bought with my own money and are pretty affordable and other things I received as gifts.

After moving back home from university, I wanted a place I could just have where I would be able to journal, pray and blog-- I wanted to feel comfortable. My parents had just moved into a new house so you -can imagine that my room was no way decked out. In fact, the only furniture I  had was a really an old dresser and a chipped mirror my mother decided I should use as my vanity. 

The process of getting my room to look the way it is has been a slow but rewarding one. Note that I didn't buy everything right away. I was inspired by a lot Pinterest posts and other Youtubers who had and did room/home tours. So, yea, I'm no interior designer lol.  For anyone looking to renovate their room to fit their own comfort, rest assured that this is an easy task. Just don't stress yourself over it if you don't have all the things you want.  Be patient and let your vision come together.

Anyways here are the pics below. I'll give you the link to where I bought everything.

The 4-drawer dresser I got from Ikea here is the link 
The MALM dressing table I also got from Ikea here is the link
The chalkboard I bought a frame from Ikea and bought chalkboard paint from HomeDepot
The vanity mirror, "Be Inspired" frame and Candle holder I got from Homesense
The computer chair I also got from Homesense 
The inspirational wall stickers and jars I got from the Dollar Store

Ok so that is it guys. If you have any questions about any other items please let me know.

For the sake of his love,



  1. beautiful, i love it especially the little quotes you put up, this update is amazing


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