Has the Church Failed ?

Dec 4, 2016

One of my Facebook friends posted a status about the body of Christ not checking on one another like we are called to do.

A couple of years ago me and some members of my church at the time got into an awkward misunderstanding. In the heat of the moment I decided that the best thing for me was to leave the church. If I could avoid all the unnecessary drama and just do me somewhere else, my heart would be settled. In that season I felt hurt and betrayed. Although, I humanly made the conscious effort to leave the church apart of me wanted someone to call and ask if I was okay and if they could pray for me and settle the matter at hand. Many unhealthy thoughts paced my mind about the body in that period of time. I would sit in my room cry and ask God why ? I doubted God loves for me because the lack of love the church showed towards me. I thought about walking away from the faith and doing my own thing countless of times. I felt like the very people that were supposed to rise up and pray for me rejected me and it hurt.

I say this to say,
The church is a place for the sick, the broken hearted and the needy. Yes we live busy lives. Yes the church is run by flawed people, but that is not an excuse. We are called to carry each others burdens and to pray for one another. I'm not writing this to offend or put anyone on blast. This post is for us a christians to become more aware of the role we play in other believers lives and the church. The phrase, "out sight out and of mind" should not be the role we play as a body. So if you haven't seen someone in a while shoot them a message and check up on them. Surely, you never know what they are going through and how much your message or call can impact their day.

Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. For if they fall, one will lift up his fellow. But woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

for the sake of love, 


Nov 3, 2016

The truth of the matter is : 
Fear has stifled me from submitting my burdens at the throne. 

I'm restless. I've tried to do things on my own. I have believed in the false realities of fear. As it masquerade itself against my heart. My identity is replaced it's deception with anxiety. It smuggles me like a mass murderer ready to do the crime. I've given into the idea that this is the end-- there is no hope for the future. In the words of an african mother, " I am finished" is all I can seem to pull out from what is going on around me. Yet, I've built walls of deception in which I've dug up wells that can no longer hold water. As my heart beats violently and my palms get sweaty, I close my eyes and envision the woman who was subject to bleeding for twelve years |Mark 5:25-34; Matthew 9:20-22 ; Luke 8:43-48|. I mirrored her life with my reality and aligned her grief with mine. Multiple physicians, yet no one could help, let alone her situation grew worse. I silently sympathize with her. I understood the frustration she felt, each time another physician turned her down.

Twelve years of rejection, being mocked and perhaps countless thoughts of doubt. Things remained the same. In her agony, she was cursed by many and isolated from society. Visions of  people chanting  "unclean!, unclean! " formed in my mind as this woman carried on with her burdens all "alone" trying to figure out the next step. Uncertain, I imagined her cries of sorrow grew worse, and for the remaining twelve years she put her hope in men who were trained to know the mechanics of the body; yet lacked the understanding of what was actually going on with her. I could easily sympathize with this woman's grief, but I realized something much more significant-- the contrast in our personalities. The difference between this woman and I, was her faith. She set her heart on the power of Jesus and his ability to heal her from the touch of his garment. I on the other hand,  have failed to trust in Jesus with certain areas of my life. The doubt in my heart and mind has resulted in fear .

Fear cripples us and robs christians of their ultimate joy in Christ. As I sit here and write I'm crippled by the simple fact that, I will not be able to execute the post correctly. The negative thoughts of not being good enough, smart enough has resulted in constant doubt of believing that God doesn't care or will help me. Lies to distract me from experiencing joy in my Savior. The joy in believing that God is my provider, helper, healer and source of comfort. When we allow these false realities to entrap us, we give power to the lies that goes against Gods word and promises for us | 2 Corinthians 1:20|. I learned a valuable lesson from this woman: "our choices to step in faith should be pursued in boldness when we know the one thing we are pursing--Jesus".

The odds was against this woman,

1. she approached Jesus at one of the peaks of his ministry, while surrounded by a crowed of people
2. her bleeding was considered unclean, she was not to touch or be touched

Yet, she heard about a man named Jesus and believed in the face of all that was around her.

I sit here in awe of her experience. It put things into perspective that, Jesus knows our lives and has the ability to free us from all our sufferings. So whether we are struggling with sexual sin, depression, negative thoughts or bleeding for twelve years. Theres a man who can heal you. The cool thing about him is, he takes a broken person meets them at the well, and changes their lives to sin no more. However the ultimate choice is ours, so will we believe? or will we let the fake facade of fear rob us of finding ultimate joy in him? As I dig up my own wells of self-doubt, I know my faith in trusting in Jesus fills them up. I know he can do all things. I'm reminded that each time I start to get anxious or filled with doubt I can hear him tenderly whispering in my ear, " Take heart daughter", " your faith has healed you" |Matthew 9:22|.

And He said to them, "Because of the littleness of your faith; for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you. | Matthew 17:20|

for the sake of Love,

Sep 23, 2016

I've been really frustrated lately, I'm trying to stay positive while I feel like my head is underwater. Oftentimes we tend to focus on our circumstances instead of the God who can change our circumstances. So if you feel like you're being choked by your worries and all the issues of life, remember that all your days were written even before you existed. Don't forget that the ONE who controls your life knows you✨šŸ‘†šŸ¾
"Your eyes saw my unformed body. All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. | Psalms 139:16|".


A Different Kind of Love

Sep 22, 2016

In a world that teaches you that love is a feeling, that love is chemistry, that it’s you and I being able to sit in silence without saying anything and it not being awkward; that love is you making me feel good, that it’s us needing each other all the time, and being able to fulfill each others’ desires, I’m glad you and I are practicing something different. It’s challenging—the type of challenge that makes me walk away in frustration and question why you and I are together in the first place. It’s the type of challenge that forces me to look at my own faults; to look at the way I am selfish and the way I allow my emotions to overwhelm me. It’s the type of challenge that encourages me to confront my insecurities and fears, and gives me clarity after disagreements and fights. It’s the type of challenge that asks me why I expect you to fulfill something that I could do myself in order to have peace between us. It’s the type of challenge that has encouraged me to be mindful about how I act with others, and how I speak.
I am being cleansed from familiar habits and actions that are not conducive to the health of you and I.  And the more I think about it, I am becoming a better person for myself too. My impatience is being stretched to forbearance. Not just with you, but within various spheres in my life. I see myself growing in a way that is not guided or propped up by my emotions. People cannot provoke me anymore. Well, no, let me say it like this: I do not allow myself to be provoked anymore.

You and I both know this journey isn’t easy. And as much as I revel in how we’ve chosen not to gratify our desires, it’s as though we are traversing in a desert, unable to be each others’ oasis, choosing instead to honour God and ourselves. The road just seems so long, and never-ending; self-improvement and self-control feel so over-rated; yet, I cannot deny its necessity. Everyone always says the destination we are headed, although blissful, is not without mountains and challenges. Interestingly, they never give specifics or examples of what that looks like.

I’m starting to truly understand that love is more than what I have grown up seeing, and being told. Love is more than just great feelings, and fulfilling our duties to each other. Love is choosing each other everyday; love is sacrifice, it’s submission, it is grace, it’s selflessness. It is relinquishing the need to satisfy myself, and my needs and boasting about who I am, and what I have done to improve our lives. It is protecting, it is honouring. I know you are the one who I am supposed to be with because I prayed for you, asked about you and trusted that you are everything that I need. I trust that there is no need to unwrap all your gifts. I trust God. We both struggle with this everyday. Certainly it doesn’t make sense to everyone; others may find it outdated and disdainful. But we are preparing ourselves so that we maintain habits that will ground us when we are tormented and challenged beyond our capabilities.

 At the same time, I’d be lying if I didn’t express a bit of apprehension, that inkling of What if? It’s said that Love never fails.  It’s a phrase that is difficult to grasp because I see a failure of love all around me. Truly, if love never fails then perhaps what I am seeing is the illusion of love; a perversion of the real thing.
I guess that’s why this period is so necessary yet so uncomfortable. We are being challenged to practice selflessness, to extend grace, and self control, because we need these things to flourish as a couple and as individuals in a fallen world.
And we mustn’t forget that it’s a life-long journey of choosing to do so.

It’s ok though. We are getting there and we will make it. It’s a different kind of love, a love that requires us as individuals to transform, as opposed to me looking at you and telling you that you need to change. I hope we will continue to value what we are learning. And continue to rise to the challenge.
It’s a different kind of love.
And it’s worth it. 

"Love is patient. Love is Kind. Love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all thing. Love never fails." 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8

As I Lament...

Aug 12, 2016

To count the cost or to lose it all to my anxious soul. The lack of patience within me is buried deep down by my blinded thoughts of what or how I think God should be. I lament over my current state. I can barely lift my head, I try to recite the truth about scripture but what meets me half way is the numbness of my thoughts. In melancholy the evil that surrounds me helps me to war with my spirit. It pushes me to denounce the hope that I know because as frail as I am-- so could my faith possibly be--in the moment.

So how did I get here? Where I think it is better to die than to fight for the truth that I've grown to love so dearly. I close my eyes and try to reminisce on the day I was born-- maybe then I could understand my value. I repeatedly recite Psalms 139:13,"you knit me in my mothers womb, you knit me in my... but I'm interrupted by the pain-stricken echo of my conscious uttering curses of the day I encountered life. Taking deep breaths I say to myself to feel pain in an unfamiliar state means death has to be better. The lies overwhelm me, they somehow have manipulated me to believe that it is the only truth. While the only truth lingers between the pages of the Holy Book untouched tucked under my pillow. I can vividly imagine Satan prancing around rejoicing in me slowly losing hope in the anthem I've proclaimed to be my source of everlasting joy.

My spirit tells me to fight, to fight against the lies and to cling to the cross that has redeemed me from the sting of the death. The tears I've cried is anchor for me to lift my hands to the One who can help me. As I search deep within my soul for the peace I know He can give, I feel like I am no longer surrounded by His presence. In chains, I state my plea, " Lord, If I'm your child, if I'm seen as the one you love release me from the pit that I am. For, how long Lord? Will you forget me forever? |Psalms 13:1|.

I feel Lord... I feel like I'm walking with the dead, and in search of joy I find none. There is no sign of your love, the love that can easily break my bones and bring me back into the ashes I am made of. Although, I feel so much pain within me; my heart silently whispers to my thoughts, " how long must we wrestle against each other?|Psalms 13:2| The irony of David sorrows gave me a sense of peace. How could a man who lived over 3000 years ago be able to speak the pain that currently encapsulates the sorrow in my heart?

A man of trouble, it was said that David's life reflected the heartbeat of God. I paused and reframe my state of mind to match his unwavering faith...why are you so down cast oh my soul ? |Psalms 43:5|,
Has the Lord not been good to you ? Why not rejoice in him ?|Psalms 13:5| are the questions in scripture I found myself to speak above lies that griped me so tightly.

In meditation of David love for God I'm reminded of God's unfailing love for me, though in my darkness he is the light. In my sorrow I tell myself daily the truth and intentionally fall to my knees, and pick up my bible. Some days I sing songs, and in other days I weep, but I know in my sufferings I'm not alone. I engulf in the truth and I know that although my salvation won't be a linear road. God has promised that he will never leave nor forsake me. It's easy to let our feelings run the show, throw ourselves pity parties but it's important to remind ourselves that our feelings are not our truth. It changes like the seasons. There is a saying that goes like this, "you can't teach a old dog new tricks", well I hate to break it to you in Christ old things are made new. In essence, what I'm trying to say is even in our pain Christ is our comforter but we have to fight the lies and the schemes of the enemy by constantly renewing our minds from our old ways of thinking.

When your skies seem grey, your nights feel lonely and fear surrounds you please don't give up and give into the doubts because on the other side of our struggle glory awaits. We know this to be true because it's promised to us. So we need to understand that there is hope set before us even in our sorrows. Be encouraged, "We have this hope as anchor for our souls, firm and secure. It has ability to lead us through the curtain into God's inner sanctuary" |Hebrews 6:19|. 

So as I Lament over my sorrows, I rejoice in the glory that is yet to be revealed.

But rejoice that you participate in the sufferings of Christ, so that you may be overjoyed when his glory is revealed. | 1 Peter 4:13|

for the sake of love,

In All Things He Will Supply

Jul 31, 2016

The call made me more anxious than ever. Hearing her voice sent a rush down my spine which made me exuberant about what she could possibly say. I thought to myself; this is it. God had finally answered my prayers. I am going to get a job. After weeping and crying at the feet of God, watching my bills pile up and steadily seeing my account slowing progress into negatives I knew this had to be the "blessing" that I've been hearing was on my way.
I quickly scrambled to write her number down so I could return the call. A part of me was a bit anxious and worried, but deep inside I mentally played melodies in my head to calm my nerves just incase I was left disappointed. As I dialed the number I could hear my heart beating faster than usual. Trying to grasp my reality while steadily calming myself down, I thought to myself, " Nana don't you trust God enough? Why are you so worried?

The phone rang about 4 times and the voicemail picked up. A little disappointed, I brushed it off and put my professional voice on and eloquently confessed in confidence who I was and if she could please call me back. I waited the whole day; kept my phone by my sideeven put it on the loudest volume just so I could hear it ring if was in a different room. I was losing my mind! Mumbling under my breath I rehearsed meaningless questions over and over again to myself." I mean she thought I was qualified for the job, no? Why didn't she returned my call ? All these questions kept running through my head. I waited and she didn't return my call, so I called againand a couple of times throughout the week and still nothing. I waited the whole week in hopes that she'd call... and nothing. At this moment apart of me became a little discouraged. Although, I didn't utter it but I thought to myself God, why ? Why get my hopes just for it to lead to disappointment?

Thats the thing with many of us such as myself, we don't trust God to be our provider or even trust in his plans or promises for us. We want things done our way so when reality doesn't fall into place we question if God is even good like He says He is. I woke up this morning a little distressed, worried about all the things I haven't paid for. Knowing anxiously the end of the month was near. I paced back and forth in my kitchen thinking of all the things I could possible do to carry me over so these bill collectors wouldn't come knocking on my door. Then I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to go pray. As I started praying God reminded me of Philippines 4:11-13:

" I am not saying this because I am need , for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance. I know what it is to be in need,  and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of  being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or want."

Paul, seriously, you couldn't give me a break? I mean I think I'm content ? Or am I ? Yes, I've experienced all this Paul, as I reluctantly nodded, agreeing with him that I had experienced plenty and in retrospect been in need many times. Maybe not in dire need, like not having clean water to drink but lets just say the first world problem type of need. Anyways, Paul wrote this letter to the church while he was in prison thanking them for being at his aid in his sufferings. I don't know much people in prison who are this optimistic about their current state. I actually don't know anyone in prison but you get the point.  Paul's attitude towards his current situation was summed up in verse 19, " And my God will supply all your needs to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus". He knew that despite the circumstance he was inchained or free. God would meet all his needs and the needs of the church.

This scripture challenged me, because it puts things in perspective for me that God isn't some genie we can rub and all the riches from heaven will fall into our lap. But He is a God that promises that he will supply all our needs. I know often times I want the big shabang, the huge testimony, but could it be that I just need to be content regardless of my current situation? In essence, if we never get that job, the car, the career or house, can we trust God to supply all our needs and not wants? Now i'm not saying pack up your bags move to some cave or even stop applying for jobs. Thats some extreme faith lol--I'm not judging. However, in the midst of our anxious hearts God just wants us to trust that He will be there for us regardless. It's not something easy to grasp, especially when feelings are involved. But it's practical when we know God works night, day and even overtime. For indeed, he who watches over Israel will neither slumber or sleep | Psalms 121:4|. Let that sink in...

Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes?  Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? |Matthew 6: 25-27|

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for the sake of love,

Do All Lives Matter?

Jul 16, 2016

I attended Melanin Narratives here in Edmonton a few months ago and it was amazing.  I have never seen so many beautiful, talented black people in one room in Edmonton! Seriously, it was a breath of fresh air! I felt myself being rejuvenated surrounded by talented and gorgeous people who look like me!

While reveling in the glory of God’s handiwork in that room, I was reminded that “there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known” (Luke 12:2). We are living in an age where the wool that has been pulled over our eyes is being burned, and our consciousness is being awakened. Through social media we are revealing the racism that is affecting black bodies and killing black people. We are illuminating how the perception of black bodies as dangerous permeates in the very hearts, minds, and actions of those who have voluntarily committed to serve and protect all citizens. The recent events of the back-to-back shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Philando Castille in Minnesota by cops attests to this assertion.  

In God’s eyes, all of our lives matter. We have value. Yet we don’t live in a world that believes this. #BlackLivesMatter is showing us that our world doesn't believe that all lives matter. We don’t live in a world that values the life of another human being. How can we claim that all lives matter when we have rampant police brutality and violence against civilians that we are unwilling to do anything about; where even with video evidence and witnesses, justice remains illusive for the victims and their families?  When we are unwilling to hold accountable those who are supposed to serve and protect when they become the villains on the street and in our communities?

I recently read an article that stated: “What’s going on when we see racism, brutality, injustice, violence,abuse and hatred in our world and call it everything but what it is—sin?  We sin against God and we reap the rewards of that sin. We have become gods unto ourselves, answerable to no one, regardless of who suffers. And we all suffer for it. And much like the shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota reveal, we need to take responsibility: that is, take responsibility for saying one life is worth more than another; for accepting the degenerate belief of the inferiority/superiority of skin colours, and to hold accountable those who err in their duties to serve and protect. 
God gave us a choice: to choose life or choose death. We have chosen death and all its fruit. We are suffering because of the choices and the beliefs that we have accepted as a society.

Yet, Freedom is our birthright in Christ. We can break off the chains we have put ourselves in. What happened in Louisiana, and Minnesota and the shooting of cops in Dallas doesn’t have to be our reality. And that is why #BlackLivesMatter is so important. #BlackLivesMatter is crying out for all of us to see that the reality that black lives are subjected to is distorted and deadly.  #BlackLivesMatter is being specific about an injustice that pervades black communities. To say #BlackLivesMatter is not to discount the value of other human beings; but it is to highlight an injustice suffered in black communities, at the hands of those who are supposed to protect and serve us, and imploring all of us to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. It isn't enough to say all lives matter when society's policies, and policing, etc say otherwise. 

For the Sake of His Love let us "turn away from evil and do good; [let us] seek peace and pursue it." (1 Peter3:11).


Hey Black Girl

May 22, 2016

Hey Black Girl,
Yes, you black girl
You are so beautiful to me.

Yes, beautiful
Look at your skin!

It glows, it illuminates, it absorbs
It breathes.
It's mesmerizing, yes so enchanting
The greatest thing conceived.
You are morning, noon and night.
You are the firmament holding stars in you
within you, on you, so much light!
So much light, they comprehend it not.

That skin! So rich and enriched
You captivate, you enchant.
Melanin so bold, melanin so bright;
You cause a frenzy, a chaotic rapture of emotion!
Dont get lost in your own tailwind!

Oh black girl, you beautiful black girl
Love the skin you are in!


May 12, 2016

But one thing is necessary

Apr 28, 2016

This morning I woke up and decided to gather all my thought and pour my heart out to God. As the words started to leave my lips, they became murmurs of complaints. Why this? Why that? How come this? and Why not that? All I could think about saying to God was all the wrong that was happening in my life. So anxious about everything going on all around me, even the noise of the builders banging their equipment against the wood outside my window made me more annoyed. I quickly added it in my prayer that the noise was becoming too much and I was starting to lose my focus. 

Oh Lord, Nana, really ? You're complaining about the construction workers too? They are just doing their job.In the midst of my prayers I was reminded about the story of Martha and Mary, so eager to make sure I got all I had to say out to the Lord I decided to quickly turn to the scripture before I ended off my prayer. 

This is what Jesus said to Martha, 
"Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary". | Luke 10: 41-42|

That one thing that was necessary was Christ. It wasn't the things that troubled Martha or made her anxious.She was missing out on the very thing that was in her midst that could take all her troubles away and calm her anxious heart. I was so worried about all the things on my mind I missed out on the presence of God. My focus was just making sure that God got everything in my life in check instead of just sitting at his feet and embracing how good He is. In not doing so, I forgot to be thankful about all the things that he has already done in my life thus far. 

How many of us are Martha's? I know I am, but I'm working on it. I know it can be tough when you've been asking for a job and you've been applying everywhere and no one is calling you back--it's easy to complain. Or when God has given you promises but the promise is no where in sight. Let this be a reminder that although our troubles can weigh heavily on us,  we shouldn't forget to give God the praise for all He has done or who He is in our lives. It's okay to be anxious about the future but don't forget the one thing that is necessary-- JESUS!

for the sake of his love, 


To Value & Protect

Apr 25, 2016

I have been trying to write about this subject matter for what seems like a hundred years. I write and re-write because on one end, I have to maintain the facts that surround this subject, while at the same time making sure my emotions don’t overwhelm and take away from what I am trying to say.  Sexual violence stories have taken quite a prominent role in our news stories, from Bill Cosby to Jian Ghomeshi. Women have been bravely coming forward to expose the violence done to them by these seemingly powerful figures, who generally had the respect and support of the public.  What these stories have done has not only revealed how despicable and vile these men’s actions were, but they have also revealed how deeply imbedded patriarchy and misogyny is within ourselves.

I say it is within ourselves because we are society. Our actions, words, beliefs, values have created the miasma that we live in. We perpetuate patriarchy in how we talk about women, about men, about our relationships with each other, with our environment. It’s done subtly and expertly through movies, music, tv shows, art, fashion etc.

Sexual violence has no basis in any expression of love.  When someone commits a sexual assault, they are not loving, caring, valuing or protecting the person they are assaulting. Instead, this person (or people) are using force to humiliate and dominate, control and coerce another human being. Forcing submission.
Sexual assault isn’t contained in our general understanding of extreme violence. Sexual assault can be forced oral contact (kissing), groping, fondling, oral-genital contact, vaginal penetration and anal penetration.** When you impose your will upon another human being and you act upon them without their consent, you are committing an act of violence.  When you demean, and devalue, and essentially kill someone’s spirit, you are committing an act of violence.
And what do we say when a man forces himself on a woman, drugs her, fondles her, coerces her into sexual activity? Do we rise up in anger over his actions? No. We look at the survivor of this man’s actions and we wonder what she could have done to deserve the violence perpetrated against her. There has to be a reason for this perfectly rational man to humiliate, dominate, abuse, and exert his control on her body. Perhaps her dress was too short? She was probably too flirty! She was definitely asking for it, having her cleavage and ass out like that. It started off consensual and now she is crying “sexual assault?” Oh, she’s just embarrassed to be labeled a whore! These and many other phrases are used to justify acts of sexual violence! No one deserves to be violated. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE VIOLATED.
But patriarchy says it’s ok. Patriarchy forces a silver lining and says, “If how you behave, dress, and just generally if a man wants you, he has the authority to exert force on you, uninvited or not.” Patriarchy says that you can’t possibly sexually assault your spouse, because your spouse belongs to you. They are your property to do as you please.” Misogyny says there are times and places and moments where a woman DESERVES the violence she receives from a man. Patriarchy and misogyny do not require consent. They don’t respect boundaries. They say that you cannot withdraw consent. That you cannot stop what you have started. That you are responsible for the sexual violence perpetrated on you.
And we internalize this. We end up saying “Well, sometimes girls are too flirty, or are dressed provocatively, so of course it’s going to turn a guy on and make him want to do something…” Similar statements like these are protecting and validating acts of sexual violence. Men become animals that act out based on stimulus. They have no control. How then do we expect to have healthy, respectful relationships with rabid, uncontrollable animals? How can you not fear such an animal?

This place where we validate acts of sexual violence rather than deploring it is killing all of us.  It’s hurting the way we relate to each other. It’s hurting the way we support each other.

God calls us to be holy as he is holy (1Peter1:16). There is no room for sexual violence (or any kind of violence) in Christ. Not when you are single. Not when you have a significant other. Not when you have a spouse. Using your power to abuse, humiliate, dominate, violate, exploit or coerce another human being is not Christ-like. God tells us to build each other up (1 Thessalonians 5:11); to love one another (John 13:34).  In Christ, we are to value and protect and protect each other. Holiness is not just for women to clothe themselves in. Men are to be Holy as well. Because when you start to value human life/ human bodies, you will find it abhorrent to coerce, violate, humiliate or abuse another human being.

Everyone has a right to be treated with respect and dignity. When you use your power to dominate and humiliate, you have stripped away that person’s Human Right. Furthermore, we must be vigilant in the music, films, advertising, fashions that we consume that validate misogyny and patriarchy. We can’t continue to prop up our friends, family, favourite artists, musicians, fashion labels, producers, directors, teachers, professors, etc when they perpetuate the very thing that is corroding our society. We cannot continue to complain about patriarchy and misogyny when we find it entertaining and harmless, depending on the context that suits us. Hold all these people accountable. And most of all, let's hold ourselves accountable.

Sexual violence hurts all of us.

We need to STOP protecting people who commit sexual assault/sexual violence.

The perpetrator is the one who is at fault.

Not the survivor.

For The Sake of His Love,


Bellow is the link to the sexual assault centre:

Apr 15, 2016

In my wilderness feed me with mana.


Why I started Youtube ?

Apr 2, 2016

So for all my readers who don't know, I started a YouTube Channel. Now, I must admit the decision to do YouTube was out of the blue. I didn't expect to add YouTube as another thing on top of my schedule as a new years resolution. It was the farthest from my mind to be honest.  Anyways, about 5 years ago  I contemplated doing YouTube and never followed through with it. Eventually, the desire just slowly faded and was never taken seriously. Friends would always suggest I should do it, but the will to put myself out there for the world to see was something that frightened me.

I'm very big on my dreams. Other than his word I believe that's how God communicates with me. So early on this year I started having vivid dreams that I was doing YouTube. At first I just thought: man my mind is playing games with me or something. So I brushed it off like it was nothing. Not long after that dream I had a friend of mine randomly messaged me and suggested that I should consider starting at channel. At this point it was all noise to me. I had no desire to sit in front of a camera and record anything. With all the things going on in my life considering YouTube would be adding more on my plate then I could already handle.

I continued to ignore all the possible signs that maybe God was telling me something.  A few weeks after my friend messaged me I was having a conversation with my sister and the topic of YouTube came up AGAIN!!!! Then again I had a meeting with this girl who I was meeting for the first time, she mentioned to me that she had read my blog and she thought it would be a good idea to start YouTube. At this point I"M LIKE HOLD UP JESUS LIKE WHY CAN'T I LIVE ?. It was clear that Jesus was trying to get my attention, so I took it into prayer. I asked God that if he really wanted me to do this thing he would show me and the type of content he wanted me to do it on.

Although I was reluctant about the whole thing the idea of skin care and talking about my struggles with beauty kept coming back to me. But I ignored it and wanted to hear from God himself. Unfortunately after praying about it continuously I got nothing.  I think at this point the Lord was over me. He like Nana are you deaf or dumb ? lol I'm playing; but you get the point don't you? After about a month of not hearing from God I just ignored the thought of starting a channel.

Until one morning my friend Avrielle called me and told me that she had a dream that I wanted to record a video of me doing lipsticks swatches on her. Coincidentally, that same night I had a dream that I was watching myself on YouTube talking about beauty related things.

It was obvious what God was telling me at this moment. So I obeyed and just started it. While setting up my account God confirmed it to me again: the description of what my YouTube was about was already filled in saying " Beauty and "Skin Care". I totally forgot that when I had intended to start my YouTube Channel 5 years ago I wrote that in the description box.

To be honest I'm really not sure why God wants me to put myself out there. I'm reluctant about what such a platform does to people and that makes me so fearful of laying out all my flaws out for the world to see. This was no way a choice I made on my own and although I don't know what will come out of this, I came across this scripture that gave me so much peace about what I have chosen to do.

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. | Matt 5:13|

I am the salt of this world. The salt that refuses to lose it's taste!

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for the sake of his love, 

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