Book Review: Sent From Heaven by Oghosa Ovienrioba

Dec 14, 2015

I had the privilege of reading Sincerely, Oghosa's new eBook:"Sent From Heaven". 
The night before I received Oghosa's email, I was having a conversation with my boyfriend about adding new content to my blog. Coincidentally, during our conversation he suggested that I should write book reviews. I honestly, loved the idea and immediately started thinking about all the books I could possibly write about. My initial excitement for this opportunity slowly shifted when I realized that I had never written a book review!I was stuck and unsure where to start. I wanted my opinions about the book to be honest and unbiased, but also allow others to appreciate Oghosa's skillful narrative.

 Sent From Heaven is a great read to re-shift your focus on what the holiday season’s truly about—LOVE AND HAPPINESS. Chioma Amara--a single mother, died three years ago, leaving her fatherless-son Samuel without any real family to love him. On Earth, Samuel, is resistant to building strong relationship due to his difficult childhood, as well as losing his mother. He carries this weight on his back. However, before Christmas, with the help of God and some angels, Chioma Amara gets another chance to restore the love that Sam has been running from—-and his happiness.

From the very beginning, Oghosa’s writing is captivating, and it takes you through the unfolding of this inspiring story! She writes vividly; she captures your imagination, and as a reader I could visualize and I almost felt as if I were part of the story! It was one of the things I enjoyed about the book! The storyline kept me on the edge of my seat; and I felt myself starting to build emotional bonds with the characters. I love that Oghosa incorporated her faith and the concept of love and combined them together to convey the message:that no matter what has happened to us in the past, God will always turn it around and work it out for our good. Furthermore, Oghosa very skillfully used the Christmas theme as a foundation to convey this powerful message. Such perfect timing for the holiday season!

My favourite character in the book would have to be Samuel. He is a perfect representation of many people, including myself who sometimes allow our circumstances to negatively shape us. Samuel’s character was very realistic; his emotional turmoil made me really think about the mental struggles that people experience
and are not able to handle because of the perceived lack of support. 

With such a riveting storyline the book could have been longer allowing us to know the outcome of other characters(Oghosa I hope you write a sequel LOL). Overall,I really enjoyed the book and strongly recommend that you go and read it.  I'm definitely going to add it to my book collection. 

Below is a quick interview from, Oghosa letting you know a little about herself and the process of how her book came to be.

Q: Introduce your self: Name, Where are you from, and Age.
A: My name is Oghosa, I live in London and I'm 24

Q: What inspired you to write Sent From Heaven? How did you come up with the title?
A: Movies, especially it's a wonderful life, which you can really see coming through in the book, also by people I've known, and my own life experiences too. As I've always been fascinated by the supernatural world and you can see that influence in the book.

Q: What was the written process like? The character development and the plot, how did you come up with the ideas?
A: The writing process, I watch a lot of films, so it was easy to know where the story would go, how it would climax and how it would end. I also read a lot and I like to think I can develop characters well because of that. 

Q: What was the hardest thing/ challenges faced while writing the eBook?
A: I think the hardest thing was balancing my job, my YouTube channel, my home life as well as writing. It was tough and I almost gave up entirely, 

Q: What is the main message you are trying to convey to your readers?
A: I don't think there's one message. I think when people read it, one main message will speak to them. But there's so much being said and so much happening that I think there's something for everyone. 

Q: What is your favourite book and author?
A: Hmm I can't name one. I'd say The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. 

Q: Fun fact about you the author?
A: As well as writing, I do lots of crazy comedy videos on my YouTube channel 'Sincerely, Oghosa'

Q: What did this experience teach you?
A: Not to give up. To trust God would finish what He started. And to not be so hard on myself.

Q: Where can readers find more about you and what you do?

To purchase "Sent From Heaven" click here 

for the sake of His love, 

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