David Your Goliath

Nov 18, 2015

In my journey, in the storms, in the sunshine, I'm discovering who I am. Actually, I'm discovering who the I AM is |Exodus 3:14| in the midst of this journey: through the storms and sunshine.
I wrote a post earlier this year where I discussed the process of breaking free from the cage the world put me in. How my identity was based on how everyone looked at me and what I should be.

In the course of the process, God was leading me to His purpose for me and the calling on my life. "A stamp of freedom"   was written to map out the stages of my passion--something that is still unfolding before me.

I wanted to lay out the foundation of my blog. I wanted to put into existence the ideas that float around in my head. I wanted to say things on the blog that would get people thinking about who they really are in their faith and who they represent. I mean, let’s be real--we are all afraid to be judged, and sometimes we don't vocalize our internal feelings. Sometimes transparency isn't an easy thing. But what we have to understand is as believers  our one standard is Christ. There are many ways to reach out to people about Christ, and in those things, depending what they are, the outcome will be different every time. I don't have to preach to you to prove that God's working in every aspect of my life. I don't have to lay out basic guidelines and teach you how to live your life.  Nonetheless, that is not what my calling is--  I would rather leave it to those who are more specialized in those areas. I truly want those who read my post to discover themselves in Christ. To see my imperfect life as God’s saving Grace constantly working. Sometimes the struggle doesn't mean it's over and the battle doesn't mean you are going to lose--even when it does feel like it sometimes. ( Man, writing this right now has me wishing that my mindset was always like this LOL. I'm working on it though). 

There's a greater purpose. Christ overcame death to give me life.

The vision for my blog—well, when I started I didn't have one, to be honest.
I actually started one a year before, hated it and completely shut it down.

My desire to write was waning. My leaves were dying. The stems could no longer carry the water and give life to me. My writing felt forced, but there was always this silent urgency tugging on my heart to keep writing. So in January 2015 I decided to stop complaining and get the job done. It's quite funny how the blog came to be. On the quest to start blogging again I came across a blog I started in 2010 called For The Sake of Love, which was intended to discuss my journey in University. I had completely forgotten that I had started a blog.  I knew it had to be only God who brought me back to the place that was intended to jumpstart the changes in my life. 

A period of darkness.pain.brokeness.confusion!

Undoubtedly, at that time God knew that I wasn't ready. Coming across the blog gave me so much peace, though. It screamed authenticity. I felt that I understood the old me, but this time in a more mature, divine way. God was refining me and preparing me for the next stage of where ever he was taking me ... and it was for the sake of his LOVE.

In the past, I battled with negative thoughts (sometimes still do), compared myself with everyone around me. I mean, growing up I wasn't the prettiest. Acne had decided to make a home on my face which destroyed myself esteem. Oh yea, I can't forget the talent,( ha what talent?) I had none. I couldn't sing, dance, and I was definitely not the smartest out of the bunch. 
I envied those whose gifts were obvious. 

I tried to prove to myself time and time again that God didn't love me because of what was humanly glorified. Don't believe the hype; sometimes our most precious features are the ones that are over looked.

I came across this verse the other day :

37 The Lord who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.”
Saul said to David, “Go, and the Lord be with you.”
50 So David triumphed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone; without a sword in his hand he struck down the Philistine and killed him.
| 1 Samuel 17:37, 50|
Now most people who have read the story of David and Goliath ( if you haven't I encourage you to check it out) know that Goliath was more physically inclined to defeat David, but David knew the Lord was with him and because of that he triumphed over him with a sling and a stone. Something so simple but yet he was able to defeat the Giant.

We over look what’s inside of us because of the Giants that tell us in our minds and all around us that we can't overcome.  Our gifts aren't or won't always  be noticed by everyone. Sometimes we doubt ourselves and what were capable of.  But remind yourself our battles are won in our trust in God. 

I can confidently say that because of the Goliath's that I’ve faced: 
I discovered Gods love;
Fell in Love;
Have built solid friendships,
realized my family’s love for me
and understand that failure isn't the end…

It's just the beginning.

for the sake of his love,

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