Oct 31, 2015

"Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed, for his compassion never fail". | Lamentations 3:22|

for the sake of His love,


Oct 29, 2015

     When I think about my present situation, I feel that the gift of grace and its power doesn't seem to quiet apply to my life. I'm trying to run ahead of myself and figure things out, but somehow i'm just coming up short and incomplete. The journey of my faith hasn't been the prettiest. The power that Christ has over my life has been almost nonexistent to me. I need the help to really see the hope that lies ahead of me. I need the truth to set me free from the bondage that is currently clinging to my life that I feel like I can't overcome.

I'm currently a mess..

A couple of days ago while I skimmed through the bible, I came across this verse, " For the son of Man came to seek and save the lost".| Luke 19:10|

     In that brief moment as I pondered on the scripture I realized that although it has been 3 years since I got saved, I am still feeling lost. Now to be clear the lost feeling, which i'm talking about isn't the one you might be thinking of. This type of lost is a feeling of incompleteness that's overshadowing my soul.

     At that moment it had become obvious to me: the high for me had died out, the christian music I had been listening to was becoming repetitive. To be frank I was getting bored. Every thing in my life seemed to be moving in an inconsistent cycle. Was Christ not enough ? The idea of Christ not being enough played in my head over and over again. I battled the doubt and his love and still I was finding myself unable to grasp the truth in that moment--even though I know the truth.

     And to tell you the truth, this is the time where many people fall apart and then give up. They can't deal with the inconsistencies and the not knowing in their relationship with God. The flesh seems more desirable. The things of the world seem more fun--less boring. They are tired of waiting for God to make a move in their life.

In part that is sort of how I feel.

     Of course I know the world views Jesus to be a fictional character; did the man really exist? Was he just a myth? I mean...What an unusual story that God would send his son who was actually God, to die for humanity for a sin that they committed in the first place.It seems too good to be true or just not even realistic some may say. It sounds more like a silly fictional story that could be made into a Disney movie.

     Well..this story changed my life. As I pondered some more on the scripture I realized the power of the Gospel. God came to seek me and save me. He's real. I can personally say I have experienced him and although things aren't perfect in my life his presence is tattooed across my heart.

JESUS! will always be the answer

So I know...

Even though I feel like this, this is only momentary.
For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison, |2 Corinthians 4:17|

     I will overcome the bondage that has been currently placed in my life;the truth shall set me free. I know the hope that lies ahead of me will help me; that the power Christ has over my life is my reality. The journey of my faith hasn't been the prettiest but the filth in my heart will not be the death of me. Therefore, running ahead of myself will leave me incomplete if I don't rely on the power of grace.

Side note: I know there are many Christians as myself who are in this stage, where the fire that used to be in you is slowly dying out. Please don't give up, God is going to work it out. Just hold on. I'm praying for you!!

for the sake of his Love,

Oct 17, 2015

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. |Romans 12:12|

for the sake of his Love,

Is God a Rewarder of Good Deeds?

Oct 3, 2015

I read a post a while ago on Facebook, which completely turned me off. The person stated (and I'm paraphrasing, that "if you are expecting God to bring you a husband, and you don't know how to clean or cook yourself then you will be waiting a long time."

The post went into further detail of all the things that downgraded our favor with God which would could possibly hinder the "benefit" of finding a mate. Umm excuse me ? Say what? So being a well-groomed woman earns me points to scoring a "God-fearing man"?

In all honesty, I think that every woman, in order to become a wife needs to properly prepare herself to become the woman that she wants to be for her husband, the Proverbs 31, the woman of virtue that we are all striving to be. I think it's vitally essential as woman after God's heart to pursue after this type of woman.

I found the facebook post to be quite condescending: that the only way we could score a good, God-fearing man is if the God who sees everything we do in secret knows that i'm properly groomed or well taken care of, serving in the church and if everyone sees me as an effective leader. If that is not the case and I can't cook, or can't clean then I will no longer receive the husband i'm desiring for.

So lets be clear: your qualification for marriage is not measured through a point system by God. People who are courting/dating or even married did not "score" a man because they were properly groomed and presented as perfect before God. Everyone is a work in progress, and every Christian will never reach the maximum of perfection until Christ comes. At the same time, I have seen people who have been faithfully serving in church and are still single. Are their good deeds not being recognized by God? I mean, they read their bible everyday, are part of multiple ministries and highly recognized in the church. So why are they still single? They have it all together right? God has to have favor on them. Or are they just living a double life ?

We have to stop idolizing the idea of relationship/marriage.

It's actually annoying how we view marriage. As if it's the final destination to our Christian walk; that once we get to that season we will completely know that God's favor is in our lives. Yup, we finally scored big point with the BIG G.O.D. All the things I have been doing in the church have finally been noticed. This way of thinking is very destructive; it isn't fair to those people who are really struggling in certain areas of their lives and trying to get it right with Christ. What about the Saints who aren't in a church or actively serving ? Or my single ladies who strive to be better and to love Christ but are seriously not content in their season of singleness. Your good deeds, or acts do not determine your favour from/with God, and to think as such is to misunderstand who God is. There is so much more that I could address with this, but i'll just leave it here...

I hope you get the point i'm trying to make.

From my own personal experience and from my conversations with others, I realize that everyone's story is different! God shouldn't be boxed up to the idealistic way of how your spouse should come into your life just because sister Nancy waited and was content in her single season. Yup she did everything right in the book and now she is happily married and blessed. God doesn't bless others and discredit someone else because their deeds aren't righteous towards him. Let that sink in. We all have our struggle and the things that easily entangles us in our walk. But nothing we do can ever be something that brings us into the next hierarchical status, for it says "No one is righteous-- not even one (Romans 3:10)". So before we judge and forget our own skeletons in the closet let us humbly pray for each other.

* Now before some of y'all come for me this post isn't to throw shade or discredit anyone who promotes being single and content. I'm all for that because, I also experienced my single season before I got into my own personal relationship. I get it, but I also understand the struggle for those whose desires seem clouded in their walk and they bleed discontentment.*

for the sake of his love,

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