Sep 8, 2015

I'm nervous. Excited for the change.But scared to accept the change. I'm a victim of death.the one that chokes me up and draws me away from my savior. But he probably wont accept me. that is what the mind wants me to believe.that resistance means i'm insignificant. So I draw away instead of drawing near. I hide because my soul can't accept the truth. Truth that reproves, and washes me clean. So I hide. Hoping that my existence becomes static. And the guilt will matte. the shame will dry out. and maybe life will stop and I won't have to hide. But I heard a voice deep within my soul. He called out my name.I froze.could I be going crazy ?. so i listened. and nothing. silence. so I waited. my heart pounded.pupils dilated. my pores opened up. I listened. and right then.when my ears became attentive.when my body shifted in focus. I heard the soft rumble of his voice speak to my soul.come to me and i'll give you rest was the symphony uttered from his lips and touched my very being.and in that moment.It became clear.

I needed REST. and Jesus was calling...

for the sake of His love


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