Sunday Fundays...

Jul 27, 2015

I wanted to switch up the flow from my regular post and show you guys what I wore this Sunday. I did my own faux locs which took me about 11 hours to complete. I was extremely satisfied with how they turned out. So as you can see your girl was feeling herself a little bit lol. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the pics.

                                                                                  Top: Got it from Ghana
                                                                Skirt: H&M
                                                                Shoes: Aldo
                                                                        Belt: Forever 21
for the sake of his love,


Jul 25, 2015

Check out Avrielle latest Vlog. She lets you inside of her world,  through "the process" of being a young Christian. Please like, share and subscribe.

Twitter: @avriellejohnson
Instagram: avriellejohnson

for the sake of his Love, 



Jul 24, 2015

It bring me such joy to share my girl Avrielle introduction video on YouTube. I couldn't be more excited for her, because her zeal for God is amazing. I'm thankful that we get to share our journey as Christians together. If you want to see more video on how she deals with "the process" on her Christian walk then like, subscribe and share. Stay tuned for more to come!

Twitter: @avriellejohnson
Instagram: avriellejohnson

for the sake of his Love,


Who Do I Do It For ?

Jul 23, 2015

God really shut me up this morning. I literally had to look up at the ceiling at work and all I could say in repentance was " Sorry Lord". I told myself this year that I would actively write more on this blog. I knew that this is something that I was created to do even though at times I don't feel equipped to carry out the task at hand. Throughout this week I have been throwing myself a pity party, feeling discourage because I felt that the support I initially thought I would receive on starting a blog would be tremendous. For some reason, in my head I thought that all my family and friends would be promoting it like CRAZY, like "go GIRL you got this!" and all the other ohh's and ahh's; that they would get others to share, like and re post it on their social media pages so people would see what I have to say which then would encourage them on their own personal walk with Christ also.

I just wanted people to see that I was trying and even though I did not have the formula on exactly how to be the perfect Christian, my efforts in sharing some wisdom on my experience, growth on the things I was going through would be helpful to somebody. Reality set in and that was not the case. Don't get me wrong, I have had a great amount of feed back from close friends and family who encourage me to keep doing what I do, and celebrating the improvement in my writing. I'm truly grateful for all their love and support. But to be real with you guys, I just didn't picture it in my head to be like this at all.

Tuesday afternoon I posted a picture on my new blog post on Instagram. I went back too look at it hours later and not to my surprise only 10 likes. 10 LIKES LORD really?! All I could say was man these people are a bunch of haters. Ya'll know you saw my post and scrolled right past it and all I could get was 10 likes? My heart ached literally and all of sudden I just started doubting everything: the goals and vision I had set out for myself and the purpose God had placed inside of me. Damn! why was I letting social media get to me? Why did I even care so much ?I just kept asking God if something was wrong with me and if I was doing everything wrong. To be honest sometimes I just feel like I am pulling teeth just to get people to read my stuff. Don't have me mistaken, I'm a firm believer that Christians should not have to beg for people to look at their things or get support from others because God will certainly bring the increase. However, I felt like I was begging even though I did not want to.

So this morning I was talking to the Lord about how I felt, you know my daily rambles to him. Then I asked him to give me a word today that he specifically wanted me to know. LOW and behold this is the verse that popped up "Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your father who is in heaven".| Matthew 6:1|. Wow I even had to take a double take and see if I was reading this verse correctly lol. But THAT WAS IT ! I took my eyes off Christ and put it on myself and on mans opinion. I wanted peoples approval/ feedback so much that I ran with the fantasy in my head and became discourage when the outcome of my reality was not the same. I was writing so that man would extol and praise me instead of doing it for the Lord. I was caught up in the HYPE, I made it about me and relied on people to reassure that what I was doing was good enough.

Even if God inspires me to put a message out there my motives about it need to be pure. Sometimes we say we are doing things for the Lord but end up having the wrong motives. I really needed to check my mind and heart and realize that it will never be about what others see me as or the amount of support they will give me. My righteousness should not be something I desire for man to see but it should be that I am doing this so that God will know and uproot the darkened areas in my life. I encourage anyone that is feeling like this to take your eyes off people and yourself. They are not God; they do not have the final say in anything that you seek out to do. And what if they never read or look at your stuff? You keep doing it because you love the Lord and that is what he has called you to do if you believe so. Keep pushing , keep serving and let righteousness not be a desire to be seen by men but to be seen by God. The only approval we need to win is his!

My Prayer Today:" Lord take my eyes off myself and off and the approval of man and let me serve you with a righteous heart that will be pleasing to you.

For the sake of his Love,


Jul 22, 2015

Weak in our flesh, strong because he is by our side. So let us strive to be faithful to God and put away all the idols we serve on a daily basis. May our prayer be ''Lord fill us up so that we can be faithful to you in all circumstances". I really enjoyed Avrielle post and I thought it would be cool to share it on my blog. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

For the sake of his Love



I want to be faithful. Some days I am so inspired and I feel so pushed to just serve God with my whole heart and be so faithful to Him. I love Him, I really do, but I struggle with being consistent. My heart pleads for God to show His strength in my weaknesses, but I know everyday that I have a huge role to play in this as well. I have to choose regardless of what I feel or what I may be going through that God is greater. I was created to love God and to show His love to others. Realistically, the only way that can truly be fulfilled in my life is if I change & I mean change for real. I always have to remember that God is greater. It's time for me to get real. I won't be perfect, but I want more than where I am. I want to be faithful.

you can see more of Avrielle on,
twitter: @avriellejohnson


Jul 21, 2015

The mind is a powerful outlet. It has the ability to create the most brilliant ideas which we cannot imagine. It also has the power to instill darkness within you, which then can ultimately cause you to feel defeated in your circumstances. I have learned a lot through the past  23 years,  and I can say the scars I wear across my chest are badges of honor for glory. I needed to cry and to be broken in order to unearth the truth of my existence. If I was not tested in the storm the course of my being would be static.I would have not understood the act of perseverance; that the joy of overcoming builds character and prepares me for the next step or that prayer changes things.Truthfully, there would be no room for growth and I would have had to carry the load of my burdens in a repeated cycle. So I thank God for his wonderful love, the love that casts all fears out of me and brings me to my knees in spite of my reality.That same love that makes me perfect when everything around me seems to be broken or in a battle. To be frank, there are wounds still healing(forgiveness), battles that I still fight (lust of the flesh) and tests I have failed (trusting in myself rather than in God)but will pass one day. I am better because I understand that I am human and to be human is to be flawed. I appreciate my flaws and I know it makes me "ME" in the midst of a world that tells me to be everything other than that.

Note to Self,

Don't look back and start comparing your past to your future. You don't live there anymore. Everyday comes with its own challenges deal with them as it comes, never surrender to a history that you were not able to perfectly write.

Your peace comes from God. If you keep searching for the world's peace you will never be in one piece. You will constantly fall apart because you forget that there is no greater peace than what you have in Christ.

Love others:  people are the hardest to love; ( especially those in the church) you love them anyways. Understand that people are broken and love is the only thing that can fix broken people. So love them even when it hurts. God is love, so love his people.

Your are not perfect:  you will make mistakes, do not beat yourself up over it. Pick yourself back up and learn from them. Don't rely on being perfect to please God.You don't perfect yourself to please 
God. God perfects you so that your crooked paths are made straight in order for you to be pleased with his will.

Die to Self: Do not let your flesh make decisions for you. Self control!!! Self control!!! You are going to need a ton of that to make the right choices.

You are You, made in the perfect image of God: in His perfect, unceasing love. Don't compare yourself to others-- they don't have it all figured out. Give the fears you experience to God and always remember that you will always be enough. A flower:  beautiful, honorable and worth it!


Jul 16, 2015

YAAAAYY!!! I will be going to Jamaica at the end of this month. So I am challenging myself to blog everyday while I am there. I was thinking of doing random posts so expect things like pictures, poetry and my thoughts on the whole experience. I am so excited to share this trip with you guys since it will be my very first vacation ever outside of North America. I really wanted to encourage myself to write more and also give those who read my blog on a consistent basis an opportunity to somewhat enjoy the experience with me. Anyways, keep an eye out for future posts!

For the sake of his Love

mag·num o·pus

Jul 11, 2015

I saw how the peaks outlined your character,
how vast the skies bestowed itself in stillness.
They depicted glory!
The sound of the wind whistling past my ear, while the car drove on impact.
As the hot sun scorched on me from waves that cause my body to react like tears unable to be controlled.
I anticipated your presence in a static motion.
Be still is all I could hear, but the beat of my heart resisted such command.
Yet still I knew you would not withhold.
If I could just grasp your splendours and hold onto your greatness, I would know what it took to create what man can not infinitely fathom.
Like when the waters roar on stormy days, or when the waves beat in a synchronized pattern on a calm breezy afternoon.
If I could take hold of the pieces you used to create such work...
magnum opas!
Ah the words from my lips could not obtain such skill, which you orchestrated in a vast reflection of yourself.
My eyes dilated to make sense of images you revealed to us.
But still I can not obtain such knowledge of all that you are.
It remained a mystery to me.
Something so real but yet intangible.
And in the stillness of your command, I delighted in what I did not know.

They are constantly in my thoughts.
I cannot stop thinking about your mighty works.

O God, your ways are holy.
Is there any god as mighty as you?

You are the God of great wonders!
You demonstrate your awesome power among the nations.
|Psalms 77:12-14|

For the sake of his Love

In God Alone

Jul 4, 2015

I was going through some of my journals and I came across a verse that gave me so much peace. It reminded me that rest comes from God and no matter what I go through I will not be shaken.

" My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.
|psalms 62:1-2|

For the sake of His Love

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