Smooth Paths

Mar 19, 2015

I really wanted to share my devotions this morning from Isaiah 26:7-8. It put so much things in perspective for me, many times I struggle to trust God. I get easily frustrated or anxious if I can't seem to figure out where life is heading for me... I panic. Reading this verse made me realize that those who seek God and have died to their old ways and pursue righteousness, do not walk on steep or rough paths because God will smooth it out for them. Not only will He smooth out the paths that are currently rough in our lives but God will also smooth out the paths ahead of us too. As Christians what we need to ultimately do is to trust in Him and obey His word as He has command us to do. Sometimes it is not easy because I'm the biggest cry baby when it comes to trusting God and I am sure there are many who can relate with me, but I've realized that my feelings are fickle and they can change like the weather but the word of God stands forever. It is the word that enables us, gives us strength, wisdom,  knowledge, understanding, wipes our tears and teaches us major principles on life and how to get by. GOD is so amazing, He freely works it out for our good when we don't deserve it. I'm so thankful for His mercies and His endless grace because who knows where we would be without them. I'm praying for all those who struggle to trust God, be encouraged you're not the only one. God is working, He will turn it around for His name sake!

For the sake of his LOVE,

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