Empty Call

Mar 9, 2015

I miss you, I miss all that we used to be.
I can't fix my lips to express myself to you anymore,
lately I've been feeling empty and alone and there's no one who really understands how I feel but YOU. To you I'll probably never be enough and it sucks and my heart aches. I just want to get it right with you, I want to sit in your presence, cry and experience your Love.
I want to laugh and love on you and  tell you all that goes on in my day and in my heart...
But these idols beckon me.
They call and I run, they tug on this heart of mine and I give in.
I'm just so weak to it all
And I really just want to make you proud but I think to myself
I've probably gone too far .
I just need you to listen to my cry and if its ok with you, could you send your daughter some help?
Just a little grace to get by, and some peace to calm my storm...
Lord please keep me as the apple of your eye and restore the joy of my salvation.

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit,  to sustain me"(Psalms 51:12)

For the sake of his Love

This is just how I've been feeling lately it by no means does it mean that I've given up or God isn't on my side. This is just an expression of whats been on my heart lately.
GOD Bless

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